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Nazwisko: Polowczyk
Imię: Jan

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- habilitation in economics, University of Economics, Poznan, 2013

- Ph.D. in economics, University of Economics, Poznan, 1987

- M.A. in economics, University of Economics, Poznan, 1978


Specialization:   strategic management


Employment Record:

2011-          lecturer at Poznan University of Economics

2006 - 2011 independent consultant, lecturer
2004 - 2005 President of the Board in Ciechanów Brewery
2001 - 2004 - Finance Director, Member of the Board in the Brau Union Polska sp.z o.o. and Browary Warszawskie Królewskie S.A., Warsaw
1996 - 2001 - Head of Financial Planning and Analysis Department in the, CPC AMINO/Bestfoods Polska sp. z o.o., Poznan
1993 - 1995 - Head of Financial Planning Department in the, CPC AMINO, Poznan
1992 - 1993 - Lecturer at the Wielkopolska Business School, Poznan
1991 - 1993 - Consultant in the Business Experts Center, Poznan
1991 - 1993 - Head of the Business Strategy Group, the University of Economics, Poznan
1991 - 1993 - Adviser to the President of the Wielkopolska Credit Bank of Economics, Poznan
1990 - 1993 - Co-ordinator of courses "Training for the Polish Economy in the Integrated Europe" under the British Government Know-How Fund, the University of Economics, Poznan
1990 - 1993 - Chairman of postgraduate courses "Strategy and Business Policy", the University of Economics, Poznan
till 1993 - Lecturer in the University of Economics, Poznan


Main achievements in Browar Ciechanów as a President of the Board:

  • restructuring of the old Brewery’s debts and receiving new bank credits for investment
  • sales growth 2004/2003 has achieved 200%
  • introduction of a new returnable packaging: bottles and crates
  • introduction of two new beers: Porter and black beer Farskie which have been awarded gold medals during The Polish Breweries Meeting in Płock (October)
  • introduction of the first Polish Honey Beer in December 2004
  • introduction of unpastuerised beer Ciechan in March 2005


Responsibilities and main achievements in Brau Union Polska Group as a Finance Director:

  • responsible for Finance, Controlling and IT (during 2002 responsible also for Legal and Purchasing)
  • two mergers finished: Rzeszow Brewery/Brau Union Polska and Bydgoszcz Brewery/Brau Union Polska consolidation of finance functions within the Group (Warsaw headquarter and three breweries: Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Rzeszow)
  • consolidation of finance functions within the Group (Warsaw headquarter and three breweries: Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Rzeszow)
  • responsible for development of a team of subordinate managers,
  • restructuring of finance departments (new structure, reduction of personel from 49 to 27 heads)
  • implementation of EXACT computer system within the whole group (August, December 2001)
  • implementation of SAP project (start: 5th January 2004)
  • implementation of Balanced Scorecard procedure
  • establishing of a controlling department
  • introduction of profit centers and cost centers structure
  • implementation of budgetory process
  • creation of a costing system according to Brau Union standard
  • establishing a receivables control department for the whole Group
  • restructuring of bank credits
  • selling of three not-used breweries
  • significant improvement of trade working capital control


Responsibilities and main achievements in CPC/Bestfoods:

  • financial planning and forecasting
  • internal management reporting and analysis monthly presentations and interpretation of business results for company management
  • contribution to dynamic and harmonic company growth in 1993-2000: sales increased 13 times and net profit by 30 times
  • managing budgetory process
  • product costing & pricing service
  • external management reporting regular reporting for Bestfoods Europe head-office
  • participation in capital expenditures projects gave USD 50 Mio of direct investment in CPC/Bestfoods Poland
  • sales force and customers profitability analysis
  • restructuring of two plants: Pfanni Polonia/Toruń and Tortex/Grodków
  • capital expenditures and production relocations analysis
  • participation in computer system BPCS implementation
  • participation in pilot implementation of European planning and reporting ORACLE system
  • Bestfoods International President Award for excelent implementation of ORACLE system in Poland
  • company insurance
  • participation in Bestfoods Europe Pegasus Core Costing Group
  • Central and Eastern Europe Cluster results consolidation
  • participation in Bestfoods Europe benchmarking studies
  • participation in Bestfoods Europe relocation studies


Other professional experience record:

  • Member of Strategic Management Society (2006-  )
  • Member of System Dynamics Society (1988-1996)
  • Expert to the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme (2003)
  • Chairman of the Revision Commission to the Union of Brewing Industry Employers in Poland (2002-2003)
  • Advisor to companies in the field of feasibility studies and business plans (1991-1993)
  • Member of governmental programmes on the regional development (1984-1992)
  • Research in optimisation of corporate planning (1990-1993)
  • Research in the field of system dynamics application to long range planning (1983-1993)
  • One of initiators of system dynamics approach in Poland